Satona Consulting employs a range of working models including both off-site and on-site development. Flexibility in the type of working model used ensures that clients always find a way of working that suits the specific project's imperatives.

  • First contact with clients
  • Preliminary problem diagnosis
  • Assignment planning
  • Assignment proposals to client
  • Consulting contract
  • Purpose analysis
  • Problem analysis
  • Fact finding
  • Fact analysis and synthesis
  • Feedback to client
  • Developing solutions
  • Evaluating alternatives
  • Proposals to client
  • Planning for implementation
  • Assisting with implementation
  • Adjusting proposals
  • Training
  • Evaluation
  • Final Report
  • Settling commitments
  • Plans for follow-up
  • Withdrawal

We provide bespoke solutions that are based on three fundamental principles:

1st: We ensure that all our solutions are discussed with our clients and that our clients are part of the process to ensure ownership and learning;

2nd: We provide solutions that are evidence-based and customized and we work with you to implement them;

3rd: We adopt a systemic approach by evaluating all the component parts of the organization at different levels in different phases of our interventions;